Attendance Policy

The district attendance policy applies here. Students are expected to be in school all day, unless they are sick, attending court, funeral, wedding, and if they do leave early they must be picked up by parent or guardian. In order for students to attain Level 4 and transition back to comprehensive school sites, students must maintain and attendance Level of 95%. Three unexcused absences will result in an automatic down. No points can be earned when students are not in school. Lack of attendance will prevent students from moving up the Level system.

September's Attendance Challenge

For the month of September, any student who attains: 

  • *90% attendance (a total of 1 unexcused absences) earns Pizza and a Movie Ticket
  • *85% attendance (a total of 2 unexcused absences) earns Joe’s Deli.
  • *80% attendance (a total of 3 unexcused absences) earns Popcorn.

Good Luck!